What do we know about the Adwords?

The Adwords is one of the best online advertising service supported by Google. It provides a platform to advertisers to pay with the advertising copy and product related information on the web for users. A Google Adwords is the system developed for the promotions of the best keywords on the web. The google categorizes these keywords by checking the relevancy of the words.  The most relevant keyword related to the website displays on the top.

The Adwords provide a paid platform to the advertisers to divert their browsing on the advertising page to generate the income. The Adwords is there for the overall distribution of local, national and international in the world.

The quality score judged by google:

The quality score is the term used in Adwords metrics which gives an idea about the PPC ads in the paid search result chart. It also provides the latest information about the advertiser’s payment per click on particular keywords. The quality score is dependent on different parameters.

The ad relevance: This ensures your keyword relevancy with the focused ads. The main idea of the ad relevance is to provide the closest keywords in the search results

A landing page experience: It is related to the information related to users requirements on your page. It means how helpful was people experience when they enter on your page by clicking the ad. If your ad is not showing the relevant information then it will be added to the poor user experience. This experience can affect your ad ranking and position in the ad auctions on the Adwords

The expected CTR: Expected click-through rate is measured by in which search term exactly matched with the keyword

The quality score provides the opportunity to improve your page ranking in different ways.

The best quality score can be judged by the three parameters. If you are having the best quality score than your keyword will top the search queue.

The best reports while using the google Adwords  

The top mover’s report:

This is the first idea to get the information of the top sellers in this Adwords platform. By checking their figures you can get the overall idea to improve your campaign. The top mover’s report is helpful to check the changes in clicks and conversions done by the others. You can also find the idea of cost for ad groups in which they are doing well and where to improve in cost proposals.

The top mover’s reports can be checked on the Google Adwords by selecting the campaigns. After that go to the dimensions and choose the view. There you can find the top movers details on the Adwords. Here you can compare with the top movers to improve your campaigns on the google Adwords.

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 The Ad performance report:

You can monitor your current account status by running the ad performance report. The other benefit of running this report is to check the average cost per click metrics.

  • The status column shows the current status of your ad whether it is running or not
  • Click-through rate (CTR): It provides the detail of how many times users enter by clicking the ad. It also clarifies the best uses of the ad on Adwords
  • Average cost per click gives the idea of the amount charged for a click on your active ad on the keyword

The auction insight report:

This report is to best for the comparison of the campaign performance. It provides exact rank of your ads in the Adwords auction. It also provides the related impressions with your relevant ads on the Adwords.

You can run and auction insight report by using these steps:

  • First you have to login to Adwords
  • There select your campaign tab
  • After that choose the keyword tab there you can select intended keywords and then select details.
  • Under the drop menu you can select all or select to view the details.

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 A search query performance report:

This is to identify the terms which directly target your ads. This data is also helpful to calculate the ad performance and make changes for the further uses. You can refine ad impressions by checking the additional keywords and negative keywords.

You can run search report with these steps:

  • Login to your Google Adwords account
  • Choose your campaign tab and click keywords detail tab
  • You can get the details by selecting all option

 The Ad Extension Performance Report:

It is used to measures the result of your ad extensions and gets them for the specific sales. The ad extensions can be phone number and website link used in the campaign.

You can run an Ad Extension performance report by following steps

  • First login to your Google Adwords there select your campaigns tab
  • There you can find the Ad extension tab
  • Now select view, and then choose the all online campaigns or a specific campaign to view the report

The keyword performance report:

You can check the performance of your keywords by running an Adwords keyword performance report. You can also get the idea of your keywords performance with the ad groups. Also, you get to know which keywords are not good for the ad group.

You can run a keyword performance report by using these steps:

  • Login to the Adwords and select the campaign tab
  • Now choose your keywords you want

 The Campaign performance report:

The regular analysis of your Adwords ads can be seen by checking clicks, its impressions and (CTR) click-through rate for the complete results of the campaign.

You can watch the campaign performance by login to the Adwords and view the campaign matrics under the campaign tab.


The performance indicators are best to study them in the campaign reports. You get the complete details of the clicks, impressions, cost, average position, converted clicks, current status, Click through rate, an average cost per click, click conversion rate in the campaign.

The Adwords reports can be provided as a document report to the users. This is for the better understandings of your performance on the Google Adwords. The Google Adwords reports are especially focused on the analysis of the keywords and ads.





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