quality score of a low-performing keyword

The internet has done miracles today in each field. It is now possible to perform every task with the help of the internet. The corporates spend millions in the marketing area just to increase the sales of their products. They use various advertising techniques for attracting customers. The companies organize ad campaigns; make banners and advertisements for taking their products and services to the final consumers.  Nowadays, the SEO techniques have overruled the older expensive advertising techniques in the global world. Today we will discuss about the quality score of a low-performing keyword in brief.

SEO techniques have made it possible for the companies to reach the consumers and know their needs in order to create a particular product. When are talking of SEO techniques, the first thing which comes in our mind is a keyword. It is the keyword by which the company can generate more and more traffic on its website and ultimately increase its sales.

If you are an advertiser and want to apply a new method for improving the quality score of a keyword, read below various tips:

Why Keyword and its score important?

A keyword is a basic element in the process of SEO. The consumers find the products and services of the company with the help of relevant keywords. Google AdWords is a tool which checks the positive and negative keywords and accordingly ranks them. The purpose of using keyword is to serve the needs of the users in an effective way. In other words, the user should get quickly what it wants with the help of keywords.

quality score of a low-performing keyword

Keyword Quality Score is again an important concept which needs a detailed study. Google AdWords gives score depending on the quality of keywords used. However, the score also depends on many other factors such as a number of searches, queries and lots more. When a certain keyword gets more searches than other keywords, AdWords rank them above of all.

The quality score of the keywords decides further the ad positioning. As the quality score becomes better, the cost of advertising reduces. If the ads are successful in fulfilling the needs of the users, Google AdWords assign a good quality score to your keywords.

Ways to increase the quality score of a low-performing keyword

Above, we discussed the importance of quality score of a low performing keyword in short. Now, let us study the ways by which you can improve the quality score of a keyword.

#1. Organization

If the keywords are placed in the right place, it will get more attention of the readers. If you want a best Pay-per-click marketing campaign, the keywords should be properly grouped which automatically increases the quality score. The keywords should be placed in such a manner that it grabs the attention of the customers instantly.

You should create a different snippet for both products and services to ease the task of the users to find quickly what they are looking for. The different snippets will attract more customers and even the number of clicks on the ad increases which increases the quality score of your keyword.

#2. Using WordStream

The advertiser who aims at increasing the quality score of a low-performing keyword should use this effective tool. It is actually paid software by which you can improve the quality score of a keyword. WordStream checks your AdWords account and suggests proper ways thereafter. It will remove all the negative keywords which increase the cost of advertisements.

It also chooses the words which match the needs of the consumers. You can also add relevant keywords to your keyword group. WordStream focuses on important aspects rather than not so important points.

#3. Good ads

The best ad is the formula of gaining more profits and attracting more customers for the website. A good ad is liked by the customers and they often watch the ads which are interesting and buy the products. A good advertisement will increase the quality-score of a low-performing keyword and saves cost. It will also increase the rates of pay-per-click.

#4. Use terms or phrases

Instead of using one keyword, the companies should use certain terms and phrases to describe its products and services which make it easy for the users to find the products easily. Avoid using too common terms and keywords because they don’t interest the users anymore and they may land on the wrong websites and pages.

#5. Relevant content

One of the most important factors which increase the quality score of a low-performing keyword is the relevant content. The keywords should be relevant to the type of products and services so that the users don’t have to strive hard for finding them. The advertisement of the company should have a short and sweet title which attracts the customers.

A long ad title is often neglected by users and there is no traffic on such pages and websites which have long and complicated titles. The description of any product or service should be given in an effective manner which eases the job of any user.

how is quality score determined

#6. Relevant link

Just like relevant content, a relevant link also plays a crucial role in determining the quality score of a low-performing keyword of an advertiser. The page links should be relevant to your ads and the users should be able to reach you through links.

If the page is easy to get and has lots of information, it will ultimately attract the users. The landing page should have concrete information about the company, its products, and services. And the other important thing is navigation of the page.

#7. AdWords Performance Grader

There are many wonderful SEO tools which have been introduced these days to improve the quality score of a low-performing keyword of a website. You can use AdWords Performance Grader which is a safe and secure tool. It will track the overall performance of your keywords and suggest you the best possible ways by which you can make popular your website.

It takes into account various factors such as a number of clicks and keyword optimization and provides the reliable advice thereafter. This tool also assigns a grade to AdWords account by preparing a report.

#8. Filters

Using filters is also a good way to increase the quality score of a low-performing keyword of a website. Filters will quickly show the negative and irrelevant keywords which should be removed in the advertisement. The keywords which do not get search volume should be eliminated and also the disapproved keywords.

You can also use automated rules to increase the bids. There is also a quality score filter to get the list of keywords which get a low-quality score. You can also change the keyword which does not get much search volume.

You can also use click through rate tool to differentiate between positive and negative keywords. These tools will help you to make your ads better and more relevant to your products and services.

#9. Call to action

One of the best ways to generate more traffic on your websites is adding CTA to the ads. This feature will help you to gain more customers. It will give directions to the users to do certain steps. Attach CTA to your ads and you will get the positive results within a short period of time.

#10. Beautiful themes

The ads should have relevant keyword themes. The ads should be engaging and interesting which grab the attention of the customers at once. The website design and layout also play an important role in the grouping of the keywords. The keywords should match to your ads. Find the match types which blend well with your keywords and searches. In this way, you can generate more traffic and improve the quality score of a low-performing keyword on your website.

#11. Creation of small targeted ad groups

The next method on the list is making the small targeted ad groups by adding keywords in them. In this way, you can establish a connection between the searches and ads. Use singular and plural keywords and keep relevant keywords together in the group to get the information quickly.

#12. Ad Copy

One of the most effective ways to improve the quality score of a low-performing keyword is that you should use the keywords in your ads. If you use keywords in the ads also, the customers will get the idea about your products quickly without making much effort. It also generates interest in the minds of the readers to read more information about the company and its products.

You can make use of expanded text ad format which will make your ads look beautiful on the website. It also provides you enough space to post even your long ads containing all details of your products and services.

#13. Landing page load time

The last method on the list is very important one which is surely an effective way to increase the quality score of a low-performing keyword on the website. No one has the time to wait for the slow loading pages to open. The advertiser should see to it that the landing pages take less time to load otherwise it won’t get the targeted traffic.

There are some factors which are responsible for the slow loading of pages such as slow redirects, slow server, large page size and many others. You can also use Webmaster Tools or Page Speed to solve this problem.

Search Terms Reports

This is again one of the smartest ways to improve the quality score of a low-performing keyword on any page or website. This report finds the keywords which perform good and bad in the search networks and it helps you to either add the keywords or delete them from a particular group. This report will assist in making your ads more professional and better so that the number of clicks increases. It also shows the various keywords used by the people often.

Test the ads

Create two ads for one ad group and check how many clicks they receive. Make it sure the ads are relevant to each other and demonstrate your products in a lively manner otherwise the users may not click to further read the ads. Testing the ads will give you the estimation how your ad is performing on the internet.

Ad Extensions

You should focus on the factor of Ad Extensions more for increasing the quality score of a low performing keyword on your website. It will also gain more clicks on your ads. You can attach site links to your sites to provide more information to the users about the products and services. By using site links, you can show additional information about your company and products such as discounts, product promotions, webinars and much more. This information will attract more customers to your website and your PPC will also increase.

You can also use location extension to show your address below your ads which helps the customers staying near the location can approach you. A call option is also one of the best options you can attach to your ads. You can display your phone numbers so that customers can call you and ask about the products and services.

ad extension

Reviews and feedback

You can use review extension to include all the reviews given by different customers after using your products. This will help to build trust between the company and the customers. The good reviews and feedback will add to the image of your brand which leads to more sales and ultimately more profits.


We discussed how a keyword is important in generating traffic. You can apply some of these methods to improve the quality score of a low-performing keyword which will ultimately result in more clicks per minute.  These methods will reduce the cost of advertising and earn more profits. A higher quality score of a keyword will make the page more interesting to the readers which contribute to the success of a website.

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