Facebook Page Name
Facebook Page Name

Having more than 1000 likes on your Facebook page? Now, you are thinking to change your Facebook Page Name? Ugh… Me too face the same situation a few months ago and found the easy simple tips to change the Facebook Page Name Change without losing the Likes and Fans. I have already tested all things and now able to share this tips & tricks on my blog Kranthi.org for you.

Facebook Page Name
Facebook Page Name

Say the truth, there are some limitations on Facebook to change your facebook page name when we reach 1000+ likes on facebook page. We cannot change the name on a facebook page. Fortunately, in this article, I have provided the best facebook tricks to change your facebook page name after 1000+ likes. This is my personal experience about any tips and tricks for changing facebook page name after getting 1000+ likes. Read the below steps carefully and apply them step by step to change your facebook page name.

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Facebook Tips to Change your Facebook Page Name

Facebook Page Name
Facebook Page Name

When it comes to Facebook Page Name Change, there are two methods:

Method – 01: How to Change Facebook Page Name

Method – 02: How to change FB Page Name after 1000 likes

Method – 01: How to Change Facebook Page Name

  1. Log in to your Facebook account whose page name you want to change.
  2. Now, go to that page.
  3. Now, go to the “About” section of your page.
  4. Click on “Edit Page Info” link from left tab.
  5. Hover on “Name” link and click on “Edit” button.
  6. Then, a popup box will appear.
  7. Enter your “New Page Name” there.
  8. Click on “Continue” button.

That’s it. Now, your request for page name has been submitted to Facebook. After approval, your Facebook page name will be changed. It usually takes 15 minutes but for bigger pages, it can take up to 3 days.

Method – 02: How to change FB Page Name after 1000 likes

  1. Download and install Google Chrome Extension which is Hola PROXY.
  2. Now, open your Facebook account.
  3. In Hola, select country to “USA”.
  4. Now, open that page whose name you want to change.
  5. In the “About” section, click on the “Edit” link of “Page Name” option

Changing a Facebook Page Name with Under 200 Fans

Facebook Page Name
Facebook Page Name

Changing the name of your page when you have fewer than 200 fans is a simple, easy process. It doesn’t require approval and can be done at any time, as often as you like. You can do this with an unpublished page or a published page, so long as that page has anywhere from 0 to 199 followers. Here’s the process:

  1. Be an Admin or Editor for your page. Any lesser role won’t do, which is good because you don’t want to give Bobby the Intern access to something so sensitive.
  2. Navigate to your page. You can’t change the name of your page when you’re logged in as a profile, or as a different page.
  3. Click the about section below your cover photo. Anyone else clicks this and they’ll just see the information you provide. You, as an admin, can change it.
  4. Click Page Info in the left column. This should be the default, but if it’s not selected, make sure to click it or you’ll be a little confused about the next step.
  5. Hover over the name of your page and click Edit. The Edit button doesn’t appear unless you’re hovering over the field you want to change. I’m really not sure why Facebook decided to do that.
  6. Enter a new name and click to Save Changes. Make sure your new name complies with Facebook page name guidelines. More on those later.

Changing a Facebook Page Name with Over 200 Fans

Changing the name of your page when you’ve surpassed 200 followers is a bit trickier, because it has a stricter limit on who can change it, and requires approval from Facebook themselves. There’s an unofficial rule – at least, I can’t find an official reference on Facebook in their help center – that you can only change a page name once when it’s at that high a level of fan accumulation. Whether it’s true or not, Facebook has been known to be stricter on a second-page name change than for a first. On the other hand, they’ve been known to grant them, so if you have a legitimate reason to change, don’t be afraid to request it.

  1. Be an Admin for your page. Editors and lower roles do not count. Facebook considers the 200 fan level to be the point where businesses need to take their pages more seriously.
  2. Navigate to your page. Once again, you can’t change the name of your page if you’re not logged in as that page.
  3. Click the About section beneath your cover photo.
  4. Click Page info in the left column.
  5. Hover over the name of your page and click Edit.
  6. Click Request Change. This is the first major difference in the process compared to the previous section. As mentioned, Facebook has to approve your name change manually.
  7. Fill out the form to request a name change with all of the relevant information, then click Send. Facebook might ask you to submit documentation to prove you are who you claim to be.
  8. Wait for Facebook to approve or deny the request.

Technically, you can only do this once. That is, the “request change” option is only available once. Once you’ve used it, it disappears. However, you can change your name more than once, the process is just a bit more complex.

Facebook Guidelines for Page Names

Facebook Page Name
Facebook Page Name

I mentioned before that Facebook has guidelines for page names. If you want to maximize the chances of your page name change being approved, you should do your best to comply with their guidelines.

  • Page names have to be an accurate reflection of the page. You can’t run a page for a grocery store that sells Coke products and names it Coca-Cola.
  • You can only represent or run a page for a business or entity if you’re an authorized representative of that entity. Fan pages have to be explicitly called fan pages, for example, and can’t pretend to be the official representation of the brand.
  • Page names cannot include terms or phrases that are abusive or in violation of someone’s rights. This is a pretty broad rule, but it basically means you can’t make a defamatory page or an anti-brand page.
  • Page names have to use proper capitalization. You can’t write a brand name with AlTeRnAtInG or ALL CAPS, with the only exception being for acronyms. The only way to get away with something like that is if it’s your actual brand trademark, in which case you made a mistake somewhere far further back in your branding process than your Facebook page name.
  • Your page name cannot include unnecessary symbols. If your brand name legitimately replaces an I with an! Or like Yahoo! has an actual! At the end of it, that’s fine. You can’t include a trademark symbol or other unnecessary symbol, though.
  • Your page name must be the actual name of your business; it can’t be or include a slogan, catchphrase or anything else that would go in another section of the About box.
  • Your page name just flat-out can’t include the word “Facebook” in any way, shape or form. They’re very protective of their trademark.
  • Your page name can’t include misleading words. This goes back to the representation thing; no page names that make it look like your page is official or sanction when it’s not.
  • Your page name cannot be a generic term with no specific identifying information. You can’t just be “Online Shop,” you have to “Fashion Store” or whatever your actual business name is.
  • Similarly, you can’t create a page for a generic geographic location. Facebook only allows such pages if they represent entities that represent the location, such as the city or state government organizations.

Try to fit within these regulations to maximize the chances of your name change request being approved, whether or not you’re requesting directly or using a workaround.

Merging Two Facebook Pages

There are many reasons why there might be two Facebook pages for the same business. Maybe two smaller businesses merged. Maybe one was an automatically created page from before your business got into Facebook. Maybe one was created by an old social media management company and was abandoned when that company contract expired and was not renewed. Maybe someone created the page to impersonate you and abandoned it. In any case, you can try to merge your page with that page. Be aware that you may lose some data if you do, however.

There’s also the “page merge” workaround for renaming a page. This method is often advocated in Facebook’s help section, but I think it’s pretty dumb and should only be used as a last resort. Essentially, if you want to change the name of your page and Facebook won’t let you, you create a new page with the name you want. You then migrate all the content you can over to the new one and request a page merge. When the pages merge, you lose everything on the old page except the likes, which transfer over.

To merge pages, you will have to follow these steps:
  1. Before you begin, you have to be the admin of both pages you want to merge. No lesser role will work.
  2. Navigate to this page, which is Facebook’s merge page request form.
  3. On this page, you will need to make sure to read everything. Click the box that says you did when you’re ready to continue.
  4. Choose the page you want to keep. This will be the page with the name you want to keep if they have different names. Otherwise, it should be the page with the most audience, most engagement, most content and most interaction. Remember that any data, including posts, photos, and comments, will be deleted from the other page.
  5. You will then need to click another confirmation box to acknowledge that you know about the waiting period for certain merge requests. If your pages are similar and the name isn’t changing significantly, you won’t have a waiting period. If the name change requires more investigation, Facebook reserves the right to a 7-day waiting period.
  6. Finally, you can choose up to five pages that you manage to merge into the primary page. These are the pages that will lose everything except the likes and check-ins.
  7. Once you are sure of your request, click Send.
  8. Wait for Facebook to process the merge.

How to Choose the Successful Facebook Page Name Change

Facebook Page Name
Facebook Page Name

While choosing your facebook page name, stay on an original topic and focus on your business. Like we have mentioned before, Facebook does not allow switching topics on their users, so make sure the title is similar to the old one. This is an important factor to remember, and if you follow it through it will greatly increase your chances of approval.

These options may not be ideal for your project, but they’re unfortunately the best chances you have. To increase your options, you need to expand your vocabulary by searching for alternate words. Remember, Facebook won’t let you change the topic, and it is never a good idea to shove a new niche onto the fans, the truth is pages like that nearly always lose interest and the activity drops.

Got Denied for Facebook Page Name Change? Don’t Worry!

If you get denied, don’t worry and try again. However, make sure not to overdo it, because you may receive a “Name Change Ban.” Yes, your fan page can be hit with such an infraction, and that usually means that you will never be able to change that particular fan page title. In our opinion, we wouldn’t bother Facebook more than once a week, and remember, this is just our theory, and individual results will vary. Facebook support is much better these days, and name changes are usually handled within one to three business days. Overall, we can safely say that any name change, no matter how subtle or large, will have a 50/50 chance of getting approved.

To keep your chances high make sure NOT to:
  • Use the word “Facebook” anywhere in your title.
  • Use the word “Official” anywhere in your title.
  • Use any known brand name without explicit permission from the company (iPhone, Sony, etc…)
  • Use any explicit or hateful language.

If for some reason Facebook still repeatedly denies your name change you can always write to Facebook Support and tell them your story.

Hope you enjoy reading it and sharing it with your friends, now everyone is able to change their facebook page name. Readers: Have you unsuccessfully tried to change the names of Facebook pages? Share your tips with us too! Stay tuned with Kranthi!

If you still have any query regarding facebook page name then please send us an email or ask your question below in the comment box. We will get back to you shortly. Thanks for reading this post.




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